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This a wire loop receive antenna placed directly on the ground. The loop is made from insulated wire laid directly on the ground and fed at one corner with a 400 to 50 Ohm broadband isolating transformer. Maximum directivity is at right angles to the feed point. I found that it was advantageous to raise the loop off the ground slightly, as this.

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The RTL-SDR dongle was plugged into a small USB hub, that then connected to a laptop computer running Linux. Another USB cable connected to the hub provided power for the LO. The entire constructed circuit looks as follows. Here is a close-up image of the completed diode ring mixer. Here is a close-up image of the oscillator portion of the.

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This is a brand new Nordyne/Intertherm/Miller OEM Blower Motor Part# 902128.The motor is 1/2 HP, 115v/120v, 1075 RPM, 7.9 Amp. This motor comes with ... Read More. Nordyne Miller Intertherm Furnace Blower Motor 902128 1/2 HP 120v. This is a Nordyne Part# 622257 Blower Motor. 208 / 230 V. The item "Nordyne Tappan Frigidaire Intertherm Indoor.

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If the MLA-30 fans had tried a Trask-style tuned or wideband & amplified loop, or the (tuned) Wenzell loop, or one of the LZ1AQ-based wideband designs, or a G8CQX / M0AYF design, or even one of the common MMIC-based designs or even even a junky FET input design seemingly based on incorrect understanding of loop characteristics propagated.

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